Rubber Boots


Rubber Boots

If you're a fan of rubber fetish boots, rejoice! We've got a great big photo gallery of the latex footwear you love best! Problem is, acquiring these kinky, spike-heeled booties made of rubber is very difficult these days. DJ takes us on a tour of his photo archives and gives us a very rubbery look at boots that aren't made of leather! Don't miss it, especially because Boot Lady Teri has an exciting poolside photo gallery you won't want to miss, and her crotch-high boots are waterproof! *video*


The Mock Boot

Have you ever dreamed of having a perfect pair of custom boots made to measure? If so, pay strict attention to this special Bootlovers.Com Boot-of-the-Month feature! While DJ was snooping around during his last visit to The Little Shoe Box in London he found a single, half-made boot that caught his interest. What was it? Why wasn't it finished? Where was its partner? Turns out this bright red creation is a mock boot, made to check custom fit before the real boots are made. Want to know more? Don't miss this issue's Boot-of-the-Month feature!

Boot of the Month



Boots with Bows

In this month's Confession of A Fetishist, John recounts a trip to Dallas and his infatuation with a frustrating redhead outside a rock club. Of course she was wearing an exciting pair of black-patent-leather thigh boots with pretty black-patent bows up the side. Did John get lucky? There's only one way to find out!


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