Mistress Lolita


If the fashion experts had their way, thigh-length boots would be worn only by women 5'8" or taller, sporting legs to the stratosphere. We, however, disagree! To prove our point, petite but perfectly proportioned L.A. professional dominatrix, Mistress Lolita, walks, talks and tantalizes us in three different pairs of her favorite thigh-highs, including the most amazing, custom-made black-leather chap boots ever! After seeing Lolita in her leg-long boots, we dare the fashionista to tell us thigh-highs are only suited for elongated ladies! *video*


Boots of the 2004 AVN Adult Expo

It seems like there's no better place on earth to spot sexy girls in sexy boots than at the annual AVN Expo in Las Vegas! We've been there before and we'll certainly be going again, but this year's porn palaver was one of the best ever! And from a bootlover's perspective it was dynamite! Follow along with DJ and our roving Bootlovers.Com paparazzo, Mike, as they capture candid moments with the best booted beauties of the porn world in this very special photo gallery!

AVN Gallery

Boot Worship



Love Is Blind

Can you think of anything more exciting, and frustrating, than having the chance to touch, kiss, lick, smell and suckle Boot Lady Teri's kinkiest thigh-highs, yet not get to see what you're doing? Well, in this "boot love is blind" photo gallery, Teri makes use of an ardent boot worshipper for our close-up camera. Don't miss this exciting gallery, whatever you do! *video*


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